DecemberThe Governor Balochistan Justice(retired) Amanullah Khan Yasinzai has said that higher education could do wonders in leading the nation towards progress and prosperity and as such our youth have to be ready to take on challenges being faced by the country. This and similar views were expressed by the Governor while speaking at the annual convocation of the Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) here at its Takato Campus on Thursday. Present in the convocation were the provincial Ministers, Members of the assembly senior bureaucrats, vice chancellors of Various Universities of the province including Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences Deans of the university ,faculty members besides others personalities from various walks of life, students and their proud parents. The Governor, who also happens to be the chancellor of BUITEMS, distributed academic degrees to the graduate male and female students besides conferring gold medals on over 40 outstanding students. Addressing the graduates at convocation, the governor said that “seeing you all today, I hope you are ready to take on the challenged being faced by the country”. He believed that “even when things seem hopeless, you must not abandon civic life and commitment to the public good. He also said that “you now stepped into the real world as engineers, architects, artists, leaders, researchers, policy makers and critical thinkers, adding he stressed,” He hoped young graduates realized the purpose of education which they have received here, is not just to benefit their personal lives. He stressed that graduates have been educated to serve the society and build our nation. ”May your years ahead be rightly rewarding and fulfilling. This Society is yours to shape alongside many others in this long but persistent march towards progress”. Governor said that as the challenge of the University, I would stress upon that it must take adequate measures to gear up the national ranking increase productivity of internationally recognized research and publications. He said that he believes that higher education can do wonders in leading nations and progress and prosperity. Addressing the graduates, The Governor also congratulated the graduates saying that “We are all proud of you and I would like to express deep sense of gratitude and blessing to work forward in achieving a promising future".

DecemberGovernor Balochistan Amanullah Khan Yasinzai has said that the delivery of equal justice and redressal of economy .education and health issues were solution of difficulties of Balochistan. He said that following the formation of Pakistan we had to wait for elimination of “One Unit” and then for formation of province till 1970, but unfortunately despite being given the status of province no concrete steps were taken for removal of deprivations of masses of Balochistan. Governor Balochistan said that we should learn lesson form mistakes of past and needed to ensure that such mistakes should not take place again. He expressed these views while addressing to participants of National Security Workshop Balochistan which was held at Quetta Club in which military and civil authorities and people hailing from different segments of life politicians, social and educationists were present. Participants of workshop asked various questions from Governor Balochistan and he gave detailed answers of all questions .Governor said that during past 73 years different political turmoil and law and order issues erupted in the province but they were not addressed properly that increased the sense of deprivation of people of Balochistan. He Said that due to not tackling the issues of Balochistan properly ,backwardness ,illiteracy ,lack of amenities ,health ,education sectors were not given due attention which were needed to be addressed. Governor Balochistan said that 18th Constitutional Amendment was of great importance for the autonomy of the provinces but we could not deny the reality that still we lack capacity to address the affairs. Therefore, he said that power conferred to the provinces under the 18th amendment could not be utilized timely. However, Governor Balochistan said efforts were underway in this connection and hoped the set targets would be achieved. He Said that law and order situation of Balochistan had improved to a great extent as compared to 2013 in which security forces had played a key role while the masses of Balochistan extended complete cooperation which was admirable. Responding to a question Governor Balochistan said that there might be flaws in judicial system but during past few years the performance of judiciary had improved and in 2016 a deadly terrorist incident had occurred in Balochistan in which senior and renowned legal experts were martyred .He congratulated the participants of workshop and said that for the awareness regarding difficulties ,proper strategy and for latest information organization of such workshop was welcoming and must continue so that all sections of society could be included in the construction and development of the country.

December The Governor Balochistan Ammanullah Khan Yasinzai has stated that China Pakistan Ecnomic Corridor (CPEC) is a great Project with completion of which the ecnomic immobility would come to an end in the whole world espacially in south and central Asia.This, the governor stated while speaking to Chinese businessman, Mr.Roy, who called on him here on Monday. The Governor maintained that the completion of CPEC would not only end the ecnomic immobility in the world ,rather it would also help promote social and ecnomic activities in the world at large scale.He on the occasion also mentioned that there are vast oppertunities of investment in Balochistan . The provincial governoment has taken certain steps for protection of investors in the province. He added stressing that the investors in the province ,he added stressing that the investors should benefit from the oppertunities made avalibe to them in the resource –rich part of the country .The Governor also said that the cordial relations exist between China and Pakistan .Rather more copration is needed to bolster bilateral relations in various fields espacially in health ,education,communication and modren technology ,he stressed.The Governor appreciated the interest being taken by the Chinese investors in pakistan espacially in Balochistan.The Chinese investment would cast positive effects on ecnomic and trade situation in the region,he believed.

December Governor Balochistan Aman Ullah Khan Yasinzai on Monday said that all intellectuals, scholars, stakeholders and society members have to play their due role to eradicate corruption from all sectors in order to ensure corruption free country.He expressed these views in a ceremony organized at Governor House to celebrate World Anti-Corruption Day by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Balochistan.DG NAB Balochistan Farman Ullah, Additional IG Police Akram Naeem Bhroka, Brigadier Syed Agha Gull, Dr, Atta-ur- Rehman, vice chancellors of universities, senior officials and a large number of students attended the ceremony of World Anti-Corruption Day celebration.Governor Balochistan Justice (Retired) AmanUllah Khan Yasinzai said NAB ordinance has taken an active role in preventing corruption in country and an accountability was being held across country in every persons including political leaders, officials and common men on equality basis.He said reformation of government departments was essential for provision of direct relief to public in Balochistan, saying medicines have in central hospitals' stores but doctors could not give patients owing to fake medicines and purchasing fake medicines was also come in corruption case.He regretted that there was no available of biting dogs' vaccination in respective hospitals and in the past, Quetta was the cleanest City in world but now the situation is getting worse."Problems are being complicated due to not taken consultation of from educationists and experts and schools are running without facilities in Balochistan owing to corruption of past", he said, saying some leaders were arrested in corruption cases but they now went to abroad for treatment, if they make any one standard hospital their tenure, they would not go today foreign countries for medical aid.Governor said there should make accountability of every persons for development of society, giving justice was not the work of just courts or the NAB but people have responsible to make their self-accountability in the society.He said if looted money was returned to Pakistan, the country would not need to take loans, saying we have to separate corrupt elements from our ranks.On the occasion addressing at the ceremony, DG NAB FarmanUllah said NAB was committed to end corruption through contribution of government and public, saying NAB maintained merit all cases and in no pressure would be taken any cases by NAB."Transparency accountability is significant for Pakistan, all nations have expectation on NAB in order to eliminate menace corruption from country", he said, saying problems of Balochistan's people could not be resolved due to poor performances of institutions and systems.He said people would not take any benefit from mineral resources like Riko-Diq was system weakness, saying illegal housing societies in Quetta have become a challenge to the City."In this regard, NAB was ready to cooperate with provincial government to reform Balochistan rules for betterment of departments", he said.He said NAB believes in discrimination accountability which was important for progress of the country, saying Pakistan is ranked 117 out of 180 in current rating of transparency International, according to a Gallup poll, 59/ of people trust at the NAB because of anti-corruption measures."NAB has added Rs 342 billion in national exchequer since its inception while in supervision of current Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal has deposited Rs 71 bilion in national exchequer over last 25 months", DG NAB said.He also appreciated efforts of students from different educational institutions who played their role to spread awareness against corruption, hence various programs regarding anti-corruption were held in colleges and universities level where students took part in competition of the programs.Governor Balochistan also distributed certificates and awards among students who took part in anti-corruption competitions programs at the end of ceremony.

DecemberGovernor Balochistan AmanUllah Khan Yasinzai said that students of Balochistan Residential Colleges were architects of the bright future of Balochistan. He expressed these views while talking to the students and Instructors of Balochistan Residential College Khuzdar at Governor House Balochistan. He said that students should be able to deal with future challenges by only enlightening their brains with knowledge.Governor Yasinzai said that guidance and focus of the teachers in attaining the students mind with academic knowledge and their role specifications were of paramount importance. Governor urged the students to focus their attention on their studies and make full use of the available resources and opportunities.By the end of meeting students and instructors were visited various sections of Governor’s House Quetta. Students took a keen interest in Governor House’s rare birds ,sculptures and archeology.

DecemberGovernor Balochistan Ammanullah Khan Yasinzai has said in his message to mark international day of Special persons that in any civilized society, positive and pleasant attitude towards special persons was essential to keep the society alive and moving forward .He said that you could be physically handicapped but never be compelled. Stephen Hawkings was the most renowned scientist of modern age , his feet and hands lost the power even he was unable to speak .But with use of modern technologies he was able to speak and used his skills effectively. Further Governor Balochistan said that an astounding development of science and technology had made clear the difference between disability and compulsuion.He said that the government was providing all possible help to the special persons and the implementation of their quota would be ensured at all costs.

DecemberGovernor Balochistan, Ammanullah Khan Yasinzai has congratulated Balochistan's senior journalist Shahzada Zulfiqar from the core of his heart for being elected as president of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ). In a statement Governor Balochistan said that PFUJ is most prestigious organization of journalists at the country level and the effective representation of Balochistan in it is welcoming .He hoped that Shahzada Zulfiqar as Head PFUJ would play his constructive role for freedom of journalistic and right of employment, and particularly for due courage of Balochistan's issue at national media.

November Balochistan Governor Amanullah Khan Yasinzai has said that with completion of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the entire region would become prosperous and economic stagnancy would end and new markets would be found for exports. This Corridor would be expanded up-to Russia, and consequently the entire Southern and central Asia would become the hub of economic and trad activities. This he said while speaking with different delegations at governor house Quetta. He said that Gwadar and Chahbahar are not only sister ports but can be helpful for progress and prosperity in the region for each other. Governor said present government has adopted solid measures for boasting up border trade with neighboring countries and desires to improve it further. He said that Pakistan believes in mutual cooperation in region and would pave a away for combined prosperous economic future.

November President Dr. Arif Alvi says the world is seeing Pakistan as a lucrative place to do business while addressing Balochistan Livestock Expo 2019 in Quetta on Monday, President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi said Pakistan is at the threshold of a new era in respect of economic development. The President said he met a number of heads of states and governments and executives during his recent visits to Japan and Baku and found them positive in their responses regarding business with Pakistan. He said there is huge potential of investment in Pakistan in various fields. He said Balochistan is quite rich in resources, including mining, coast, fishing and livestock. Lauding Balochistan government for efforts to bolster livestock sector, the President said livestock is a comprehensive field that contributes to nutrition, poverty alleviation, rural development and overall economic growth. He said Pakistan can export livestock after meeting its domestic needs. Governor Balochistan Amanullah Khan Yasinzai and CM Balochistan Mir Jam Kamal Khan were also present on the occasion

October Governor Balochistan, Amanullah Khan Yasinzai has said that efforts are being made for promotion of higher education and uplift of higher education institutions in the province. Presiding over the 2nd Senate meeting of Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences in Quetta, he said that the university has been put on the path of progress and playing a pivotal role in promotion of medical education in the province. During the meeting, innovative teaching methods, inclusion of modern research in curriculum, requirement of faculty, financial and administrative affairs of the varsity came under discussion. The Governor directed to ensure merit in requirement process of the faculty at all cost. Earlier, the meeting accorded approval to the budget of the University.

September The day of September 6 occupies great significance in the history of Pakistan because 54 years ago on this day our brave and brilliant armed forces had given befitting reply to several time bigger enemies and defended our country on this day. This was stated by Baluchistan Governor Amanullah Khan Yasinzai in his message on Defense of Pakistan Day being observed today. Governor said on this day our handful armed forces foiled enemy's nefarious designs by showing gallantry and bravery and stood like rock for the defense of the motherland. He said not our armed forces only but entire nation by getting united proved that number or majority has no authority before the power of eman and unity. He urged on this day we should pledge our commitment that we would not let go sacrifices of our martyrs waste and would not deviate from any sacrifice for the security, stability and defense of our country. He aid we need the same spirit and commitment which was shown by the nation in September 1965. If we maintain complete unity and solidarity in our ranks and files and would live like one none has courage to cast evil eye on us. He prayed may Allah keep our country in his blessings and enable us to work for its security, progress and honor.

August Balochistan Governor Amanullah Khan Yasinzai said that Eidul Azha gives us lesson of sacrifice and following sunnah of prophet Ibrahim (AS). In his message Governor Yasinzai said that service of creatures of Almighty Allah, deserving and orphans and joining them in our pleasures is real message of Eid and philosophy. He said Eidul Azha is celebrated in memory of supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) which he rendered to seek blessings of Allah Almighty. History of world cannot present any such example in which he desired to sacrifice his son in the way of Allah almighty. Today is the day to negate our sacrifice of personal ego and interests to serve for the progress of country and nation, prosperity of its people through the spirit of brotherhood and unity. He said that Eid should be celebrated with simplicity and should share happiness with the down trodden & poor people.

July Balochistan Governor Amanullah Khan Yasinzai has said the government is utilizing all available resources to provide modern education facilities to the students at their door steps in the province. He was talking to a delegation of outstanding students of various schools, who called on him in Quetta on Saturday. The Governor urged the students to fully concentrate on their studies to become a useful citizen of the society. Later, the students also visited various blocks of historical building of Governor House and took keen interest in its architecting.

JuneGovernor Balochistan Amanullah Khan Yasinzai has said that the government is to make up all out efforts for promotion of educational sector in the province. He was talking to a delegation of Balochistan Residential College Loralai that called on him in Quetta this afternoon. The Governor added the dream of a literate Balochistan could be materialized by enhancing literacy rate in the province.

May Balochistan Governor Amanullah Khan Yasinzai says the government believes in progress and prosperity of entire province on equal basis. Talking to a delegation from Hana Orak area in Quetta on Friday, he said the government is making efforts to provide all basic amenities of life to the people at their door steps, especially to the residents of backward areas of the province. The delegation apprised the Governor of the problems faced by people of Hana Orak area. The Governor assured to address their problems at the earliest

AprilGovernor Balochistan Amanullah Khan Yasinzai strongly condemned the blast of Fruit Market Hazarganji area of Quetta which left 16 dead and injured 30 people on Friday. The Governor said that such cowardly attack could not weaken the morale of security forces and citizens. He directed law enforcement agencies to take all possible measures against those involved in explosion of Hazarganji and curb terrorist activities from the province for ensuring protection of people at any cost. He instructed the health department to ensure all facilities to the injured

MarchMarch 23 is of great significance in our national history because on this day in 1940 historic Pakistan Day resolution was adopted and Muslims of Sub-continent had launched a struggle for separate homeland for them and after seven years untiring struggle and immense sacrifices they were succeeded in securing separate homeland Pakistan. These views were expressed by Balochistan Governor Amanullah Khan Yasinzai in his message on Pakistan Day i.e. March 23, being observed Saturday. He said that we should re-pledge our commitment today to maintain complete unity. We would work for national solidarity, stability and development of country jointly and would be ready for all sorts of sacrifices. He also congratulated countrymen on this occasion and prayed for security of the country.

FeburaryGovernor Amanullah Yasinzai said that everyone has the right to obtain education in their mother language, adding that education in native dialect can polish the abilities of students. “The charter of United Nations and Constitution of Pakistan allow individuals to obtain education in their mother tongue. Through educating our children in their mother language, we can foster the historical languages in Balochistan,” the governor said in his message on the occasion of International Mother Language Day. Yasinzai said: “Balochistan is a soil where multiple languages are being spoken for centuries; Balochi, Brahvi, Pashto and Hazargi. These languages depict the culture of Balochistan”. He lauded the efforts of intellectuals and writers who despite facing financial issues were rendering their services for fostering regional languages of Balochistan. Governor Yasinzai said, “We should love and respect our mother languages and start our efforts to translate international researches in our mother tongue”.

JanuaryGovernor Balochistan Amanullah Khan Yasinzai has urged need of making collective efforts for provision of basic amenities of life to the people. He expressed these views while talking to a five member delegation of Loralai which was headed by Akhtar Shah Lala. He said that it is responsibility of local bodies to resolve problems of people on their door steps. The delegation apprised the Governor about various problems being confronted by people of Loralai. .


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